Health Care System Development

Our health care system has gone through many changes during the past 15-20 years, and the pace of change is accelerating. Community-based systems that provide accessible care and wraparound services that address health and behavioral health needs with “upstream solutions” are increasingly valued by our communities and funders. However, in its many transitions, our large healthcare systems often face lack of alignment between policy, funding and support for community-based care that works.

“In some areas, we have holes you can drive a Mac Truck through. Many providers wrestle with a system that has too many holes and lack of alignment among key areas. Those that prevail are hybrid systems that create programs and services (1) based on the Social Determinants of Health (SDOHs) (or the Social Vulnerability Index), (2) funded in part through Medicaid and in part through a range of grants and contracts. Effective healthcare leaders work to address the root causes, systemic issues and the policy and funding frameworks that either facilitate or impede system development.”

Anne and consultants she involves in health system development projects have been able to help aging, community schools, health, behavioral health, and justice-involved systems build that capacity.

Examples of System Development Projects