The following provide examples of successful projects in the areas of planning, evaluation, evaluation and capacity building. They are listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent projects at the top of the list.

New Mexico: Led community needs assessment and health planning projects in Rio Arriba and Los Alamos Counties; provided consulting to a statewide capacity building project for county health councils; consulted with NM DOH Public Health Department on outcomes and effective practices; provided training to NM DOH Secretary’s Cabinet; developed report on nonprofits and health insurance for NM HSD; provided planning and evaluation consulting to state Total Community Approach project in NNM. Provided strategic planning for the Con Alma Health Foundation. Guided behavioral health networks in New Mexico in their planning and organizational development work to build capacity for a mix of behavioral health services supported through ongoing state funding. Involved a wide range of stakeholders; identified goals, strategies and outcomes; helped networks develop quality improvement processes; developed successful proposals. (Region II Behavioral Health; Local Collaborative I Behavioral Health).

Developed broad-based, comprehensive planning process for Native American Professional Parent Resources, an Albuquerque based nonprofit serving over 10 different tribes and urban Native Americans. Conducted an organizational assessment. Engaged local tribal representatives in outreach and grassroots research; involved staff managers and board in goal setting. Completed a comprehensive planning process, with a detailed written plan to guide future growth and development.

Conducted in-depth strategic planning for Journalism and Women Symposium, involving board members in pre-planning and leading committee goal setting work.  Membership involved through online survey. Plan draft presented in annual meeting, discussed in issue or goal groups, and revised. Detailed plan guides association’s development in key areas deemed priorities by the leadership and the membership.

Led feasibility study and planning process for building a statewide nonprofit association in New Mexico; guided the early development of NGO NM, the statewide nonprofit association. Built a strong membership association with capacity building activities, membership benefits, products and reports such as the NM Economic Impact Study, engaged public policy network, and developed strong funder support. NGO NM provided public award for work. Developed outcome evaluation framework and outcome-based case statements for ArtWorks, resulting in stronger stakeholder support, and growing base of funding.

Led consulting team, provided planning, organizational development and social marketing resources to local health councils throughout New Mexico, and to the Association of County Maternal & Child Health Councils. Helped local councils to build case, increase stakeholder support and strengthen council capacity. Built association’s capacity, provided resources for the state association to make the case to the state for support. Team received commendation from the MCH network.

Led multi-year Louisiana Devolution Initiative to help health and human service agencies build capacity and respond to economic development priorities. Supported multi-agency collaboration for health and human service programs, including school-based health, emergency services and mental health. Led workforce development community planning projects in Louisiana with Private Industry Councils.  Mobilized community leaders to create highly effective plans that garnered widespread community commitment and funding. The project and my leadership received statewide and national recognition. 

Conducted research on the impact of block grants, budget cuts, health and welfare reform and how nonprofits could respond to these issued.  Developed training materials focused on public policy and community planning for nonprofit agencies published as The Devolution Toolkit. Provided teaching and training nationwide to help nonprofits develop new strategies and re-tool. Project received national attention and commendation.

Taught workshops in planning and sustainability for the Santa Fe Community College and Santa Fe Community Foundation. Taught workshops on program planning and evaluation for United Way of Santa Fe County, United Way of America, and United Ways in California, Arkansas and Texas. Taught workshops on organizational development and responding to devolution to Salvation Army of Florida and Salvation Army of Texas. Taught workshops on sustainability for the Santa Fe Community Foundation.

Led the New Mexico Emergency Committee to Protect Health Care Access in strategic and program planning, collaborative activities, and obtained funds from two New Mexico foundations to match national funding from Families U.S.A.

Developed “Juntos,” a New Mexico devolution project that pulled together a broad network of people and agencies involved in the most extensive community education and public policy initiative in many years.  Project built sustainability through effective collaboration, memberships and ongoing foundation funding.

Conducted community needs assessments and developed a plan for the Santa Fe Community Foundation’s technical assistance program for nonprofit agencies. The successful program has been funded, staffed and widely supported by the community.

Directed community health care planning,  system development,  mergers and nonprofit interagency planning for managed care in New Mexico.  Agencies developed new skills to help them with program planning, analysis, and network development in a community-based setting.

Developed a successful community-based health care program plan based in Delta Head Start system in South  Central Los Angeles which resulted in a community-based health care and economic development system expanding outreach work with Head Start parents.

Developed plans for allied health and intergenerational programs at Santa Fe Community College.  College has expanded its health offerings, and has successful allied health and intergenerational program.

Led United Way projects in New Mexico on program outcome evaluation and managing change, resulting in improved agency programs and services.

Provided strategic planning, organizational development and program development consultation for a wide range of health and human service agencies in New Mexico.

Developed a federated fund for AIDS with a donor base of 5,000, which was the primary grantmaker for AIDS work in Northern New Mexico for many years

Created a plan for program expansion for the University of Louisville Center for Management Development, providing technical assistance to nonprofit agencies.

Developed strategic and organizational assessment and plans for Ursuline Campus Schools, with priorities for different levels of the organization.

Provided strategic planning and OD services for Family Service America, Louisville.

Conducted assessment and planning for Seven Counties Mental Health, Louisville.

Provided assessment and planning for both, Volunteers of America, Louisville, and VOA National, to include strategic planning and organizational development with the local VOA; survey research and analysis of programs, priorities for national initiatives, and training for board development for the national organization.

Conducted strategic planning for Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Organizational development project with Union Theological Seminary, NY, included survey research and a report with recommendations regarding institutional relationships with students, student needs and priorities.

Developed fund raising plan, with Michael Seltzer, for the New York AIDS Resource Center.