Adult Day Care in New Mexico: Program and Cost Findings

Data about the average cost for Adult Day Care facilities varies by state, by year, and by research project group. New Mexico’s costs in 2012 and 2014 ranged from a low of $50 to a high of $136 per person/per day (, Genworth, and Metlife Market Survey, and National Adult Day Services).

The The link below includes this article with tables containing data detail.

Key Research Findings

National average costs are higher than average costs in New Mexico.

  1. – research on average costs for care. NM has range from $54 to $136 per person/per day, with a median cost of $99 pp/pd.
  2. MetLife Market Survey of Long Term Care Costs, 2012 – Average cost nationally was $70; high of $141 pp/pd in VT and $39 pp/pd in AL.
  3. Genworth 2014 Cost of Care Survey – National median is $65 pp/pd. The rate range in
  4. NM in 2014 ran from a low of $50 to a high of $112 per person/per day.
    Average national cost in 2016 was $61 pp/pd, in 2016, according to National Adult Day Services.

In 2014, average ADCs had more than one source of revenue. Nonprofits had a greater amount of revenue diversification than did for-profit agencies. Nonprofits averaged 41% from Medicaid and for-profits 65% from Medicaid.


  • % Medicaid Funding 41%
  • % Other Government Sources 29%
  • % Private Sources (Private Pay and Private Insurance) 21%
  • Other


    For Profits

  • % Medicaid Funding 65%
  • % Other Government Sources 16%
  • % Private Sources (Private Pay and Private Insurance) 13%
  • Other

NMSU’s research on 20 of the 27 ADC programs in NM in 2015 unearthed the following key findings:

  • Few ADCs access Medicaid funding, which is accessed more in other states;
  • Rural areas are underserved;
  • Language barriers exist;
  • Average of 28.42 participants with average daily census of 17 participants;
  • Start-up costs, reimbursement rates, policy and certification requirements, and maintaining the optimum census represent challenges to ADCs.


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