New Ventures Consulting

New Ventures Consulting offers clients solutions for sustainability through research, analysis, planning, system development and evaluation. We work with nonprofits, government organizations, funders, associations, communities and interagency networks. We guide communities and nonprofit groups through complex planning through interactive simulations that provide the opportunity for innovations solutions that come from break-through thinking.

Our focus is on helping people tap into the skills, expertise and wisdom they already possess, help them stretch those skills to new levels, and support growth.

A recent client said “Anne, you’re a rock star.” I loved that compliment partially because it was a validation of my work leading the group through a complex discussion – – and also because it meant that people learned a lot and had fun. 

Our firm has conducted many successful organizational and community assessments that identified policy, program and funding trends and provided strategies to address them. We have led local and state government agencies, communities, interagency service networks, and foundations in planning for managing budget cuts, building more effective service networks, and developing community plans to address the growing needs of older adults.

Another client of mine said “Oh, here come her magic maps…” Another called me out for “tabletop games” that were fun.  And another said “Your work simplifies the complex issues, and makes the information accessible.” 

New Ventures has a philosophy of working collaboratively, with a focus on making maximum use of a client’s internal resources, and building the client organization’s capacity as a result of the consulting project. The firm is part of the Community Health Consulting Group, a network of senior consultants who work together on projects. CHCG has extensive skills, and the ability to tailor work to your needs, to help you build your capacity.

For more client quotes, check out the Testimonials page of the website.

Contact Anne and the New Ventures Consulting network, or call 505-699-7706.